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Love For Slaughter

Short Stories:

“Sandraudiga”Continuum Impetus Vol: 4


The Wolf of Moscow“- The Five-Two
“Dead Bride Philosophy”– Issue #128 Space and Time Magazine
“Branded” and “Mother Rat” – Inner Sins (magazine currently defunct)
“Piranha Tongue” Page & Spine
“Dangerous Honesties” The Five-Two
“Veins of Ink” The Literary Hatchet issue #14
“Ashes and Sun Thread”Liquid Imagination
“Rot Inside You”– Volume II of the HWA Poetry Showcase
Love Me Like A Murder Scene”– poem of the week at The Five-Two
“Apart in Layers”
“The Nightmare Herder” (along with two photographs)- SFPA
“Charred”, “Sparrow Spine”, “Vegas Splatter”Dead Snakes
“The Storm Giver”Eye Contact

Eye Contact poems: “Cardinal Shades”, “Scarecrow Love”, “Like Paper Hearts”, and “The Avant-Garde Painter”

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Flash Fiction:

“Story’s End”– Trembling with Fear
“Sympathy Dish”– Trembling with Fear
“Conch Shell Girl”Apocrypha and Abstractions


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